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For children and youth who’ve been physically assaulted, sexually abused, struggling with anger, in the justice or child-welfare system, or are being lured by gangs toward a path of crime, PEI Kids offers expert services and support to help children and families heal, recover, and resume normal healthy functioning.

We offer evidence-based programs and services delivered with care and integrity following a traumatizing event, a disclosure, or identification of a problem or risk. PEI Kids charges no fees to children, youth or families to participate in its programs or receive services.

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Crisis Intervention for Child Victims of Sexual Abuse

Since 1987, PEI Kids’ crisis counseling program has helped more than 5,000 Mercer County children who have been victims of sexual abuse. On average, over 250 cases of child sexual abuse in Mercer County are reported each year; and the County Prosecutor’s Office refers 98% of these cases to PEI Kids. Children of ages 3 to 18 years of age and their families are eligible to participate. We are the only area agency that provides mental health counseling to very young child victims. Therapeutic components include:

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Comprehensive Juvenile Offender Outreach Services (CJOOS)

Run in partnership with local law enforcement, Mercer County Juvenile Probation, and Family Court, our community-based CJOOS program has helped more than 2,000 youthful offenders turn their lives around and work toward more productive futures. Participants, aged 11 to 17, are often referred by Juvenile Probation or Family Court; and many report gang involvement during intake. Through CJOOS, youth receive:

Managing Aggression and Violence Program (MAV)

PEI Kids’ Managing Aggression and Violence (MAV) program helps youth with anger-related issues improve interpersonal communication, conflict resolution and violence-avoidance skills. Youth learn coping strategies and communication skills that enable them to better regulate their emotions, enjoy healthier relationships with family and in school settings, and engage with pro-social peers. MAV accepts referrals from schools, community-based programs, faith-based groups, parents, and Family Court.

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Support Group for Crisis Intervention

Healthy, supportive family relationships are a strategy for healing and resilience. Support group meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month for child victims of sexual abuse and non-offending, supportive family members. Participants benefit from education, peer support, and group learning in these specialized sessions that help the entire family heal from the trauma of sexual abuse. A light meal is served and childcare is provided for younger siblings to encourage parents and family household members to participate.

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Council Against Youth Violence (CAYV)

The Council Against Youth Violence (CAYV) is a DOJ-funded project that addresses gang violence victimization among youth under 18 in the greater Trenton area. The Council, led by PEI Kids, uses a multidisciplinary team (MDT) response model to deliver targeted services to youth impacted by gang violence including case management, mental health counseling, emergency shelter, educational support, life skills training, victims compensation, and other specialized support for youth victims. Participating Council members include Capital Health Regional Medical Center, Mercer County Department of Human Services, PEI Kids, Catholic Charities, Capital County Children’s Collaborative/Care Management Organization, Anchor House, YWCA’s Latinas Unidas program, and Mercer Family Support Organization (FSO).

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